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Magic Wrap®
Flame Retardant Magic Wrap
Magic Wrap Video

Magic Wrap®

Emergency Repair Kit on a Roll

Magic Wrap® is an Emergency Repair Kit on a Roll. A poly-butyl rubber
compound, Magic Wrap® is activated when stretched. This activation causes
Magic Wrap® to adhere to itself. Thus, any object which can be spiral wrapped
can be repaired or sealed.

Magic Wrap® is ideal for use on dirty or wet surfaces. Because there is no adhesive, there is no reason that dirt or moisture will cause it to fail. Repairs
can even be done underwater.

100s of Uses

Magic Wrap® is ideal for the following repairs:

  • Automotive - will repair engine hoses, even fuel lines (to repair fuel
    lines, the white liner must be used first, then the Magic Wrap® over
    top of the white liner. The white liner prevents any reaction between the fuel and the Magic Wrap®.)
  • Electrical - UL listed
  • Plumbing - works on copper and PVC pipes under pressure -
    no need to turn off the source of water
  • Sealing, weatherproofing, splicing, covering, holding/bundling,
    joining and repair applications
  • General Household repairs
  • Sporting goods - grips for hockey sticks, tennis rackets, fishing rods

We Provide:

  • Bilingual packaging
    CDN - English / French
    USA - English / Spanish
  • Available in retail pack or poly bagged for industrial use
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Worldwide acceptance


Flame Retardant Magic Wrap

Flame Retardant Magic Wrap has the same important benefits and features
of Magic Wrap® plus it is designed to be used where flame retardancy is an important safety feature.

Flame Retardant Magic Wrap is ideal for the following repairs:

  • Splicing & repairing distribution cables
  • Corrosion protection on metal pipe work, particularly at welds or joints
  • Waterproofing electrical components
  • Plumbing, Electrical, Automotive, Household Repairs
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